Hi! My name is Pam Cole and I love patchwork designs! That is why I started using the name Pam’s Patchwork, over 17 years ago, when I created my first web site. However, over the years, I ended up doing a lot of other sewing/quilting that did not include patchwork, so in 2014 I decided to change my name to Stitchin Addiction; but I decided to also keep my Pam’s Patchwork site, just because I’ve had it so long.

I got hooked on paper piecing years ago and I would really love to experiment with that some more, even if just for some smaller projects. I still have lots of scraps to use!

In 2005, I made this special wall hanging for myself to commemorate my 25 years of sewing/quilting at that time. I also wanted to use some of my favorite scraps. I chose 25 block designs in alternating sizes so I could add a border around the smaller blocks. I really liked how that worked out.


Anyway, I will be back to update this site more as soon as possible. In the mean time,  you can see my quilt galleries at my Stitchin Addiction site by clicking on my business card: